Your Stoma Diary

A stoma diary is a daily journal for recording and tracking personal notes or any questions you may have after your stoma surgery.


Download a free stoma diary.

If you’ve just had stoma surgery, keeping a stoma diary may help you keep track of your daily health, progress, and activities. It can be used to help you and your stoma care nurse make sure you progress smoothly through your recovery.

Why is a stoma diary useful?

Having a stoma formed can be an overwhelming experience. During your recovery, it may be challenging to keep track of all of the changes going on around you. With a stoma diary, you can:

  • Keep a record of important information about your recovery from stoma surgery
  • Note any changes to the appearance of your stoma, like shape and size, and if the surrounding skin is not red and looks healthy
  • Write down questions for your stoma care nurse or doctor before your next appointment
  • Record your personal notes

Download your free copy today

Dansac has made it easy for you to start a stoma care diary with a quick and easy download. This small A6 page size diary is a practical way to begin a log of your recovery.