Dansac About Us

About Us

We work together to make living with a stoma better.

Living with a stoma can be challenging. At Dansac, we are dedicated to collaborating with our customers to develop stoma care products and services to make life better for people living with a stoma and those who care for them.

Our History

We have been providing innovative solutions for people with a stoma, clinicians, and caregivers for more than five decades.

Dansac was founded in 1971 in Fredensborg, Denmark. Since then, Dansac has become part of Hollister Incorporated, which is located in Libertyville, Illinois, USA.

Our products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world.

Our Brand Values


We are dedicated to our customers — both people living with a stoma and those who care for them. It is our commitment to help overcome the physical, social, and psychological repercussions of stoma formation making life easier and better.


Working closely together with our customers means that we are able to have an open dialogue, enabling us to understand their needs and work together to identify and develop functional products, personalised tools and services which support both end users and healthcare professionals.


In everything we do and say, it is important for us that we are true to who we are and what we believe in — this is what makes us credible and trustworthy. As a company dealing with very personal challenges, it is our responsibility to be honest and straightforward, internally as well as externally. We deal with real people, real lives, and real stomas — we must be respectful, reliable, and truthful.

Dansac – Dedicated to Stoma Care.