World Ostomy Day is 2nd October 2021


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We’re Here for the Ostomy Community

Dansac is proud to support World Ostomy Day! Every three years ostomy organisations around the world celebrate World Ostomy Day and October, 2, 2021 will be the 10th time this special event is taking place. See how others are participating in World Ostomy Day.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

People are more than their stomas. They are real people with real lives who face the challenges we all face, in addition to the challenges living with a stoma can bring. Sharing your stories of adjusting to life with a stoma and what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin can be a huge inspiration to others.With these four easy and fun ways to show support, join us by sharing your voice in building confidence and connection within the ostomy community.

Virtual Panel Discussion

We’ve joined up with Hollister Ostomy Care to bring you a virtual panel conversation with ostomates from around the world about their experiences and how they engage with the ostomy community. Tune in for a great conversation! Sign up below for a reminder, and to submit a question for the Q&A if you choose.

My Stoma Gave Me

We spoke with many people about how stoma surgery has changed their lives for the better – the ability to travel, to play with their children, to cherish life moments, and more. This is what they had to say.

Spread Positive Feelings

Sometimes a few encouraging words are all it takes to brighten someone’s day – or your own! These Ostomy Positive Affirmation Cards are a great way to spread positive thinking, calm, and confidence. Download your free affirmation card today to use for a personal pick-me-up or share it on social media to show your support!

Join the Conversation

Every person has a story, and every story matters. Share yours on social media, using the hashtags #WOD2021 and #OstomateVoices. You can also submit your story here to be contacted about becoming a future Dansac Stoma Hero and be featured in a future email newsletter.

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Read Example Stories

Stoma. Skin. Soul.

In our dedication to stoma care, we’ve found how important it is to keep sight of the whole person and what matters most to them, their loved ones, and the clinicians who care for them.

Living With a Stoma

Having a stoma is a big change in a person's life. How you deal with it depends on your situation, and the information and support you need may differ from what others need — before and after your surgery, and as you get back into your regular routine.

Skin at Peace

You are so much more than your stoma, but experiencing sore skin it can make it tough to focus on the rest of you. That’s why keeping healthy skin around your stoma is so important. Our TRE products provide three levels of protection that work together to keep skin naturally healthy.

Here For You

We support the ostomy community on World Ostomy Day and every other day. Whether you're a patient, a caregiver, or a healthcare professional, if you have any questions about stoma care topics or our products or how to use them, we can help.

Charities We Support

We are proud to continue supporting...

Colostomy UK
Colostomy UK is a charity that supports and empowers people living with a stoma. The team are there for you if you have questions, need support or just want to talk to someone who lives with a stoma.


Learn More About Colostomy UK


This year we celebrate two important milestones – the 50th anniversary of Dansac, as well as the 100th anniversary of The Firm of John Dickinson Schneider Inc. (JDS Inc.), the founding company of our parent company, Hollister Incorporated.

Dansac was founded in 1971 in Fredensborg, Denmark. We are dedicated to making living with a stoma better – by developing products that are secure and help maintain healthy skin, by supporting the vital role of the Stoma Care Nurse in caring for patients, and by helping and empowering patients to have quality of life and the confidence to be who they want to be.

In 1989, Dansac was acquired by Hollister Incorporated, a US company and one of the main players in the ostomy care industry. Hollister is a wholly owned subsidiary of JDS Inc., a 100-year-old company. Hollister is guided by the shared Mission of JDS Inc. to make life more rewarding and dignified for people who use its products and services.

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