NovaLife™ 2 Flange

The NovaLife™ 2 Flange is a unique oval-shaped barrier that helps protect the skin and is designed for easy application and secure adhesion.

  • Secure coupling system designed to give an audible click when connecting to the flange
  • Different ring colours for visual confirmation of security
  • Semi-fixed coupling designed to allow the ring to move freely and follow the body contours
  • GX™ hydrocolloid barrier is designed for skin-friendliness and flexibility
  • Oval-shaped barrier is tapered – thicker around the stoma and thinner at the edges
  • Off-centre starter hole places the pouch lower on the abdomen
  • Available in four ring sizes with a variety of starter holes

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REF Ring Size Starter Hole Max Cut Skin Barrier Box of
1770-10 70 mm 10 mm (cut-to-fit) 62 mm 125 x 106 mm 5 pcs
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NovaLife™ 2 Closed Instructions for Use

NovaLife™ 2 Closed Instructions for Use

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