NovaLife™ 1 Open Convex Mini

The NovaLife™ 1 Open Convex is a drainable pouch designed for secure adhesion, discretion, and comfort for people living with a stoma. The Convex skin barrier applies pressure around the stoma to help push the stoma into the pouch.

  • 6 mm firm convexity helps push the stoma into the pouch
  • GX™ hydrocolloid barrier is designed for skin-friendliness
  • Oval-shaped barrier is tapered – thicker around the stoma and thinner at the edges
  • The reduced pouch area above the barrier helps prevent slouching
  • Outlet is discreetly concealed into the shape of the pouch
  • Staggered closure plates are designed for easy handling, emptying, and cleaning
  • Secure VELCRO® Brand fastening
  • NovaLife™ filter helps minimise the risk of pouch ballooning
  • Soft and water-repellent backing
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942-20 Clear 20–24 mm 270 ml 10 pcs
942-24 Clear 10–24 mm 270 ml 10 pcs
942-25 Clear 25 mm 270 ml 10 pcs
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NovaLife™ 1 Open Instructions for Use

NovaLife™ 1 Open Instructions for Use

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