Your Life With a Stoma

Gain unique insights and inspiration from the stories of people who have had stoma surgery, and learn how you can have a happy and productive life with a stoma. 


Learn about other people’s experiences with a stoma

Any period of illness, surgery, and recovery is stressful for the body and mind, but life with a stoma has its unique challenges. If you’ve recently had stoma surgery, comfort can come from learning about other people’s experiences after their procedures, and as they start their new lives.

Our Life With a Stoma booklet and video series features a diverse group of people of all ages who have had stoma surgery. Take heart from their unique and inspirational views on life with a stoma.

View Video  Jamie, 14 years - colostomy

View Video  Sif, 33 years - temporary ileostomy

View Video  Marianne, 56 years - urostomy

View Video  Niels, 70 years - colostomy

View Book  Life with a Stoma book

View PDF   Vicki, 27 years - ileostomy