Where Will Your Stoma Be

Before surgery, your stoma care nurse will work with you to determine the best location for your stoma. Learn about where your stoma will be placed on your abdomen.


Learn about stoma locations.

Where your stoma is positioned is very important, so your doctor or stoma care nurse will work closely with you to ensure optimum placement. 

A good stoma location improves the comfort and fit of your ostomy pouching system (also referred to as an ostomy appliance.) It also helps ensure that you can wear your usual clothes after surgery, as well as resume your regular activities. 

Stoma siting

Stoma siting is a process that determines the right place on the abdomen for the stoma. Once found, the location is marked so the surgeon can see it during the operation. 

Your stoma care nurse will usually do the siting with you before your surgery. The stoma site should be marked in an area without skin creases or scars to ensure secure pouch fit and reduce the risk of leakage. After checking your abdomen in standing, sitting, and lying positions, your stoma care nurse will mark the appropriate site. 

Practicing before surgery

It can be a good idea to practice with an artificial stoma and a pouching system before your surgery. In this way, you can check the stoma position and learn how to change a pouch. Talk to your stoma care nurse about how to do this.