Dansac TRE Seal

Dansac TRE seal is more than just a seal – with three levels of protection, the Dansac TRE seal has been designed to help keep healthy skin naturally healthy.

Dansac TRE seal’s unique pH buffer is designed to help keep skin naturally healthy. Maintaining the right pH of the skin helps protect it from enzymatic damage from stoma output.  

Stoma fluid contains digestive enzymes that break down skin cells. These enzymes thrive in the near neutral pH range. Should these enzymes come in contact with healthy skin, which is slightly acidic (pH 4-6), they can influence the pH of the skin and allow them to break down the skin cells causing irritation.

The Dansac TRE seal pH buffer is designed to maintain the pH of naturally healthy skin and to help reduce the activity of digestive enzymes

Dansac TRE seal encourages a naturally friendly environment for the skin by creating an unfriendly environment for digestive enzymes.


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